Setup Shopify Store for Beginner

Nowadays shopify has become a great place for selling your products or dropshipping. At shopify you do not need worry about much just need to focus on create a store, make it attractive and add products to get sells.

Now when it comes to make a store let’s guide you.

Let’s start

Go to and click on Get started button at right top corner. You will get 14 days trial for your store then you need to pay monthly.

Now shopify will create a store for you. Now you need to answer some basic questions:

Then click on next. Now you need to some your details:

Then click on Enter my store button. At this point, your store is created. It is that easy. 

Customizing your brand new store

At this point, you should be logged in. Check the left menus you can control everything from there:

Now go to the Online Store from left menu then click on Themes. Here you can upload your own shopify theme or just choose a free theme to get started. To choose a free theme you need to click on explore free themes:

Then choose a theme and click Install. Now your theme has been installed. Then click on the publish theme button. And the theme will be published. Now if you go to your store then you will find like this:

Here I installed Pop theme. You can customize your theme as your need.

Setup your payment method

Now you need to setup the payment method. For that you need to go settings from left menu then payments. You add your stripe account here and you can also add PayPal too. We recommend you to use Shopify payment which is the easiest.

Adding your products

Now you need to add products. Go to Products from left menu then click Add Product from right top corner:

Now enter your product title, product description, product image, product price, SKU (optional for your tracking), Barcode (optional). If you want charge taxes then check this mark:

If you want to track inventory then select as shown below and also quantity:

If your product requires shipping then check mark as shown below also enter weight and fulfillment details:

If your product has variants then click on Add Variants. Then enter variants like size, color etc. Then at last SEO info like Title, Meta description. Then click on save product. Congratulation your first product has been added.

Well done!

Okay now you are all set but if you want to run your shopify website then then you need to pick a plan unless no one will not be able to access your website. It will show password protected. To choose a plan go to Online Store then Preference scroll below then click on pick a plan. Here are the plans:

Choose as your need. If you are starter then I will suggest that to choose Basic Shopify. Then when you will get expert in selling then upgrade.
That’s pretty much it. Start your business now and start making money.

If you have other questions, let us know in the comment section!

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