Where to find products to sell?

I’m sure by now everybody knows the real success and money is in business. Now don’t get me wrong, you can earn money and be successful in a job but only to a certain extent. So, now a day most people are in search of some sort of business they can do, even if they primarily have a job but still want a side business set up. With the speed at which technology, internet to be exact, is taking over our lives, e-commerce business is becoming an increasingly common trend and demand.

People love e-commerce

Everybody wants to be able to sit at home and order anything they desire just with a few click on their laptop or smart phone. Not only this but the internet is even making it easier for normal everyday folk to start their own business. Another great benefit of e-commerce is that when you set up shop in your local area, your market is the people specific to that area but when you set up shop on the internet, your market is the entire world. Now that’s a lot people.

E-commerce setup is easy

A great business strategy for common folks without the investments to set up factories and offices is to buy products from already established entities and sell them. Now why would anybody buy from you and not them directly? Well these are websites that are full of products with mixed qualities, which makes it very hard to navigate and get what you want. This is where your business comes in by providing the exact product/product category that the consumer requires.

So where to find products?

Below I have listed a few common places to buy products for your e-commerce business:


This is probably your best source to find products as it is very cheap and full of options but at the same time, you need to careful when browsing products because of quality issues. Some products are of top quality while others can be not so. Always order a single product and see how it is and then decide whether to order in bulk or not.


I’m sure you’re all aware of what this site is and the possibilities with these. This site might reduce your profits but generaly you can find original good quality products.


This is another common well-known site that has a wide variety of great products but again with reduced profit.


This is the parent company of AliExpress but unlike AliExpress, they do only deal in large orders. Another difference they have is that their products are from International and Chinese suppliers where AliExpress only has products from Chinese suppliers.

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